Hand Crafted.

Chrissy Crafts is 100% Woman Owned + Handmade in the Southeast.

  • Angie M. - California

    Chrissy’s headbands are top tier. I can use them for the gym, to hide my ears when I’m going for a run in the cold, on a day that I’ve pushed back a wash one to many times and so on. They are cute for all occasions and the elasticity has passed the washer and dryer test. Believe me when I say you need to get your hands on one or many! 😉

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  • Shiloh W. - California

    I love my headband that Chrissy made for me! She kindly created a custom band for me that would fit my large shape and not crush my curls, nor give me a headache. This is by far my most used headband because the fabric goes with so much of my wardrobe, the twist is cute, and the width gives me an instant style. I never get headaches with this headband, and it is well crafted.

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  • Cynthia G. - Florida

    Best headband to dress up or dress down! Whether I was doing yoga or going for a night out it stays put. They're very comfortable. Love the variety!

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