About The Owner

Hi everybody!

My name is Christina, but you can call me Chrissy.

Working a fast paced job, I have always found myself on the hunt for comfortable, yet stylish accessories for my hair. The hair accessories isle in the stores never sold anything that caught my eye, yet once something did, it was always really bad quality. Hair clips that snagged my curly hair, hair ties that popped within two uses, and most frustrating the headbands that ALWAYS have seemed to give me migraines. I founded Chrissy Crafts with a simple goal in mind: help people who struggle like I did, look and feel better throughout their busy day! All while being comfortable, of course. 

Just a little bit about Chrissy.

Chrissy is woman who is passionate about animals, crafting, and science. When she created her first headband,
she wanted to create a headband that would be comfortable yet cute and hold up in everyday life! 

Where is Chrissy Crafts?

Chrissy Crafts is based out of North Carolina! 
All things Chrissy Crafts can be found here online at shopchrissycrafts.com, or on instagram @chrissycraftsonline